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Last year’s Christmas was very uneventful. I had thoughts of going out or just doing something, but I ended up being ill throughout the whole holiday. Work was crazy, and I was also trying to make extra money on the side. So at the end of the year, my body couldn’t take anymore. I ended up not doing anything for the entire holiday: just me, my medication and Friends. Whenever I watch Friends, I feel like I actually have friends with me so, to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. 

One of the extra jobs I got offered was to be a presenter for a Vox pop. I hadn’t done anything like it before, and so when I was offered, I told them straight up that I had no idea what it was. A Vox pop is basically a “sidewalk interview”. It’s like those videos on Instagram where people on the road are randomly stopped and asked questions or their opinion about certain things. I didn’t even know what it meant initially, and as I mentioned, I told him. I was also very clear about not having any experience, but he was sure I could do it. Firstly, I tend to underplay myself. I am a badass, and I undermine my “badassness” a lot. And secondly, the person who reached out to me had offered me a job similar to this before, which I had turned down. He had seen my pictures and videos, and had mentioned that he wanted us to work together. One time he found my poetry Instagram page (@wordsbytab) and told me how much he liked some of my poems. He told me he wanted us to bring some of them to life and that he wanted me to act them. I feel like I’m not telling this story right. The guy that reached out to me is a photographer (and videographer). I probably should have led with that but I feel like I’ve not lost you totally. When he talked about us working together on a short film, I was excited but I didn’t dwell on it. I’ve had quite a number of photographers reach out to me for photoshoots and short films and from experience, I decide not to disturb myself or let it go to my head. I only get excited when it’s someone I that seems sincere (cos you guys know I love taking pictures!). 

Anyways, that didn’t work out but the Vox pop thing did. It was just a few days before my birthday last year (Nov, 2020), and he had given me the details of the job. It felt too good to be true and I just wasn’t comfortable roaming around Lagos Island talking to people in Covid times! I also had to go to work so I said no. It was going to be a two-day job of a camera crew and me walking around and just asking a few people some questions. At least, that was what he told me. The pay was also 25k per day. After talking about it with my friends and my boyfriend, I decided to take the job for two reasons. For the experience and the money. I took the job at the last minute after multiple calls and messages from the guy🚩. I just felt like it could open future doors of a career path I’m interested in. A day before the gig, I ate out and got food poisoning. I felt like I would die and I literally cried out of the pain and frustration. I didn’t have anyone to take care of me, but all I could think of was the stupid job.

Let’s continue this in another blogpost please…

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