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You didn’t think you would get rid of me so easily, did you? Hello there! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I feel amazing finally being able to be writing a blog post after all this time. I have been busy with work and trying to improve my brand. I am not done yet but I just really missed doing this. I missed my “escape”. Also, I’m either turning 25 or already have, depending on when I do post this. I’ve decided to share some of my experiences with adulthood and the lessons I’ve learnt, especially recent ones, with you.

Things do get better.

This one has “cliché” written all over it but it’s very true.  I had a tough 2019 and 2020 wasn’t a bed of roses either. Did anyone even enjoy 2020? It felt like I had to grow up very fast and make choices that I wasn’t ready for. I hated everything and it also felt like life hated me too, because I was getting hit left and right. This year I left my job without any plans and it was one of the hardest things I had to do. I’m not where I want to be right now, but I’m exactly where I need to be. I honestly imagined things to be worse, but I’m getting paid to do what I love and it still feels like a dream.

Some things need to go for others to come.

I am more at peace now than ever. I’ve lost friends that I thought I’d never be able to do without but even typing this now feels hilarious to me. You can’t get time back. Holding on to things that you shouldn’t, just because you’re scared is costing you. I had to let go for things to start getting better. I also had to let go of certain emotions that I had harbored for a long time. I kept thinking about how I’ve been wronged by people and they needed to be punished. But the thing is God doesn’t work on our schedule. Things do not always go exactly how we feel they should. Holding on to too much will only give you a heavy heart. Having peace of mind is amazing. Let it go!

You need to completely heal from your trauma.

One thing I can say for sure is that working on myself has impacted my relationship positively. It has helped me to see myself and the world in a different light. There are so many wounds that we prefer to conceal because we think it’s easier that way. It’s not. They’ll come back up. The crazy thing is you might not even realize it until something goes wrong. You don’t want to end up passing your trauma unto your children. It’s hard but you have to do it. Most of us went through horrible experiences growing up and even as adults, and most times we just pretend to be fine. Are you really fine?

You don’t need everybody.

Yes, you can’t do everything by yourself but you don’t need the whole world. One part of growing up is losing people. You either find out that you have different values or priorities than these people, or you just go out of touch. People come and go. I’ve only had a few people in my circle who I can count on anytime to come through for me, and that’s  so much better than walking with a crowd you can’t rely on. It’s during times of need  that you realize that so many people are just interested in being around only for the positives. You don’t need everybody, just the right ones. Remember, quality trumps quantity.

You need to keep working on yourself

Personally, I’m working on getting more value for my time. I’ve found that I’ve been too available to people, and that’s time that could be spent on way better things. I love coming through for people and being there when they need me, but it’s a very human thing to take people for granted. I’m working on setting boundaries. To work on yourself is to increase your value and thereby improve the way you are perceived. There’s always something to learn or work on. Those little bad habits and the resolutions that you’ve been stalling, give them a shot. Start the course. Learn the skill. Start writing again. Pick up the book you’ve been reading for months and continue reading (secretly subbing myself). We can’t be perfect, but we can be better versions of ourselves.

I have so much more to share with you but we have time, so why rush? Let me know which lessons you resonated with the most, and what lessons you’ve learnt personally this year. Also, if you have any suggestions concerning the kinds of content you look forward to seeing on here, please leave them in the comments or reach out to me personally. I have been sharing new aspects of my life on my Instagram over a few months now so please connect with me on IG. I look forward to hearing from you all after all this time, and thank you for reading again!

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