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As a young black woman, especially in this part of the world (Nigeria), I’ve encountered a lot of things. I’ve gotten my share of the bumps on our journey as black women in this world. It may not be a fair share but what is fair ? Nobody deserves to go through these things at all but they’re part of the things that make us. It’s so important that it comes up in our history and culture anytime that topic is brought up.
It’s a man’s world and women are trying as much as possible to level up. There are feminists everywhere now, trying to make it clear that enough is enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women. I just believe that there should be a balance. I’ve had people, even those close to me, treat me a certain way because I’m female. They don’t trust me to keep myself safe or they don’t think I can make certain decisions, even though a guy my age might be given much more freedom. There were times when I had to be mellow because there were a bunch of guys around and so I couldn’t do much. Why? I’m female!
I’ve been sexually harassed severally and almost abused by men (thank God it was almost), because of this same issue—my gender.
You just automatically feel so beaten down because of that air of authority men have and even when you have the right to speak up, you cannot. You’re seen as weak because you’re female. Some people don’t even know they’re sexist.
I know these things because I’m female and it doesn’t even get better being a black female. Women feel the need to stand up for themselves now. Again, I’m all for feminism and I know what it is aimed at. I just think it gets to the point where it’s overdone. If we’re trying to put an end to something, let’s not end up doing that thing ourselves. You’re trying to fight for women but you’re bringing men down.
If you’re a christian, you’ll know that in the bible when God created Eve, she was made from one of Adam’s ribs. We were made from man—a helpmate—because basically they need us! We are their missing pieces. Yes, we were made out of them but Adam might have only lived for so long without Eve to replenish the earth.
They need us and we need them too. I think that there are certain things that women need men for, and so if you’re a “feminist” and you’re painting men as demons you need to be reeducated.
Sure, there are terrible men walking the face of the earth feeling like the fact that they have their “manhood”, they are gods. I’d like to remind you that we have transgenders now.
Let’s learn how to balance things. I’m definitely against gender discrimination but I’d like to think that the female gender experience it more. We need the protection more. We need to stand up for each other more and that’s why a lot of females take it too far. I was at a lecture a few weeks ago and the speaker was talking on Gender Equality, but almost throughout, she made it seem like men were evil. I totally get it…we are more likely to be victims but men go through this thing too. Women have used the fact that the female gender is easily preyed on to implicate innocent men.
In the end, what matters is how our generation is willing to break this cycle and be good to one another. Have you ever been treated differently because of your gender or skin colour…anything? Have you seen someone go through it with absolutely no way out? Please talk to me in the comment section. If you’re a feminist and you’d like to educate me for some reason, let’s also do that in the comment section.
Comment, share, wash your hands and pray!

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