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Welcome to another episode of “Blessing’s thoughts in writing”. Today, we’ll be discussing something I find quite interesting. This is totally unrelated but I’m writing this on a bus. I’m on my way home and it’s terrible in here. The bus is so noisy and the two people seated behind me are just terrible. They’ve leaned, sneezed, coughed and most likely, spat on me. They’ve been discussing anything and everything. It’s so annoying but the one that literally gave me a headache was when I felt something hit the back of my head with crazy force. It was terrible! One of them -a man- fell asleep, started dozing and then hit his forehead against the back of my head. I didn’t even know what to do. I was already irritated because they were disturbing me but that just made things worse. And I couldn’t do anything. Somebody buy me a car!  And then teach me how to drive it…

Do people really change? This is the question that has popped into my head. Let’s talk about it and I’d love to know your opinions in the comment section. There’s this person I used to be friends with. They treated me so terribly and turned their back on me when I really needed them. I was a sister to them when they needed a friend but when it was time for them to support me, I looked and cried and nobody was there. Months after everything that happened, they came back and said that they wanted us to go back to what we had. They weren’t really open to going through all the steps in between. They said they  didn’t know what they did and apologised so weirdly. It was like someone had timed them and they just wanted to be done with it. Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting an apology. I didn’t need it and they weren’t even one to apologise. When there’s an issue, this person would give you something you like and expect everything to be magically okay. I loved them like a sibling and even though I had promised myself that I wouldn’t put myself in a scenario where I would go all out for someone and end up feeling like I shouldn’t have, I made an exception with them. 

I have concluded that the apology might have been fake because it’s been about two years. We don’t talk. I have even initiated conversations because I felt it would be nice to be cool with each other but again, they have been a waste of time. While there’s a lot more to the story, I just want to know if you think people change. It might not even be similar to my experience. Why do people take their exes back? They must believe that whatever made them break up had seized to exist. I gave one too many chances to this “friend” and every time I regretted it. How do you know for sure that someone who betrayed you wouldn’t repeat it? The common thing is having the person who betrayed you regain your trust. How does that happen? I know! I have a lot of questions. If you have answers or even opinions, let me know in the comment section. Have an amazing week and weekend❤️.

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