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“Wait for me! You know I can’t catch up with you in these heels Jay!”.

Sabrina was calling out to her boyfriend of three years to slow his pace so she could catch up with him. Unfortunately, her 6-inch heels were not making it any easy for her. She could have worn flats or even the 4-inch heeled shoes she just got but it was their anniversary and they were going on a date. Her legs were killing her but it wasn’t just the fact that her shoes were high. Her right ankle had gotten swollen because Jay was trying to “pass a message” but that was another story entirely. Right now, Jay was being completely unreasonable. Apart from the fact that she practically forced him to turn up for their anniversary date ritual, he didn’t even bother to get them a cab knowing that she had hurt her ankle. She was pretty sure it wasn’t about the money and then again she could have just worn flats but Jay wouldn’t approve. He wouldn’t want to be seen outside with a lady in ordinary flats. It meant she wasn’t sophisticated enough. He wanted all that sophistication yet here they were, trekking with the supposed love of his life limping in very uncomfortable heels. What a unique way to celebrate love! I bet people were jealous. 

I bet you’d think this was the worst birthday ever. You’ve got it all wrong. The screams of confused and frightened teenagers have not left Sabrina’s mind since her 16th birthday. Her mother had decided to have a birthday party for her because she felt guilty about not having a great relationship with her daughter. Don’t blame her. When you have a bipolar man who turns to alcohol for solace as a husband, you wouldn’t even have a good relationship with yourself. To this day, Sabrina doesn’t know what exactly happened between her parents. Besides the fact that her father saw a punching bag every time he looked at her mum. As a child, she didn’t understand why her father got so angry all the time. Her father was wealthy, so taking care of her mum every time he nearly killed her wasn’t an issue. That particular day, all Sabrina and her friends saw was blood and a man with fire in his eyes. Whether she knew it or not, Sabrina was already affected mentally. She had only been attracted to men like her father. 

“If you don’t catch up, you’d have to meet me there. You’re the one who wanted to go out in the first place so keep up miss!”, Jay finally replied

“Jay you know my ankle’s bad so it’s difficult for me to walk at the same pace as you…besides if you had gotten the cab as planned…”, Sabrina protested until Jay cut her off.

“Maybe we should wake your father up from his grave and ask him for his fleet of cars or better still he’d just order the cab from the land of the dead since he’s so rich! 

PS: Thank you so much for helping me win the writing challenge. You are amazing!

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