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Hello guys! How has 2022 been for you so far?  For me, I’ve been praying for clarity and I can actually say I’m getting just that bit by bit. One thing that has become clear to me is that I need to take on my fear by the neck. And possibly strangle her. I get so anxious and it’s been holding me back more than I have admitted. I want to do so many things but the fear of not achieving what I want or making mistakes has hindered me. In the spirit of improving on our existing patterns for a better 2022, here are some habits you should work on this year.

1. Stop overthinking: Hey Siri! Add this to my to-do list. This is mostly me taking a hit at myself. I overthink everything, and I only just end up with a headache and more problems. Why? When I overthink things, I tend to include things that weren’t even an issue before in my thoughts. How does this even solve any problems? You only end up feeling worse. Remember that this year, we are taking active steps towards achieving our goals. Overthinking is not one of them. You have an issue? Figure out how to fix it and make a conscious effort to actually fix it.

2. Save: This is a habit I picked up when I was younger. Now, as a young adult, it has really worked for me. My savings have come in handy in times of need. Although, this year I intend on doing better and saving. For me, the first step towards achieving this is getting a better paying job. 🥴

3. Rest: Last week, work was more uncomfortable than usual for me. We don’t get any breaks at the end of the year at my office, and before my birthday I fell ill. I was placed on medications for a month that typically would require me to go to bed or simply just rest after taking them. But I didn’t get that grace. Getting to work and going back daily takes a toll on my existence. Then when you add the burnout from working, and all the other upsetting occurrences that aren’t even talked about frequently enough, a break is definitely a necessity. I’m on leave right now, and even though I told myself I would work, even writing this blogpost took forever. I have been in bed for most of my leave struggling with a migraine. I definitely needed this time away from Lagos traffic and all the unneeded negative energy.

4. Pray / Meditate: I can’t stress the essence of this enough. One thing that my anxiety will always react to is prayer. Life can be very overwhelming, and it is very easy to forget to stop. It is also very easy to feel alone and stranded. Remember to pray. It’s such an amazing feeling to just open my mouth and pour out everything and anything to God. Sometimes I cry. Other times I scream. My favorite thing about praying is that I can do it anywhere and anytime. Do not forget God.

5. Be Content: At your fossil age, you are still begging. I cannot stand this particular behavior. Even writing about it makes me want to flick someone. You shouldn’t go about asking for everything you “like”. The fact that someone is eating Chicken wings beside you doesn’t mean you must eat Chicken wings too. The truth is you won’t die if you don’t have everything that other people have. From little things like taking someone’s bracelet “just because you like it” to clearing your bank account or even borrowing money to get something someone else has, you just need to learn to discipline yourself. Imagine people feeling like they need to hide their stuff from you because they know you would want to take it. Don’t be that guy.

6.  Smell nice: You won’t catch me unfresh anymore. My significant other put me on this one and I am never going back! I can’t count the number of compliments I have gotten, even from strangers, since I started taking smelling good seriously. I don’t usually remember the name of any scents I use but let me just say MANGO! Imagine being known for smelling nice…

7.  Be more organized: Pick up your clothes from the floor.  Your clothes do not belong on the floor! That plate you ate with two days ago has mold growing in it already. Do you intend on performing an experiment with it? Start your day with intention. Make lists of all the things you need to do. Set reminders so you don’t forget.

8. Give: Don’t be that person that would always collect but rarely give. There are a lot of people who would give anything to have the life you have. There are way too many things that other people could use. Give. No matter how little you may think it is, someone else would really appreciate it.

9. Deal with your trauma: Almost everyone of us has gone through one thing or the other. It is easier to just tell you to deal with your trauma and heal than actually making it happen, I know. But the important things tend to be tougher. If you decide to, you can achieve it. Focus on your end goal and decide on the methods that work for you. Your trauma is a baggage that could possibly be holding you back in some areas of your life. They are better resolved or dumped.

10. Stop Comparing yourself with others: Why do we even do this? It only makes us feel terrible. Like I mentioned before, someone out there would be very grateful to have your life. Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone’s life is different.

If there are any other good habits you intend on picking up this year, let us know in the comment section!

PS: Blog posts are now bimonthly. I’m trying to be consistent but I’m also trying not to run myself into the ground

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